Saturday, April 18, 2009

White winter

Feeling winters going to be whiter this time around with textured layers, white lace and white sheer tights yum.
.. Hence my decision to buy the white leather version of these Nicola Finetti heels over the black suede- bar my poor toe nail job they're pretty freaking awesome aren't they.

+ a White Panel Bodycon TOPSHOP mini (to order this week) + my H&M sparkly black opaque tights and i will be well on my way.

In the meantime i need to find something for tonight- heading to Mumma's 50th, she's hired out a room in an Italian down the road & then to the city for my best pal Emmy's 18th... thinking Scanlan & Theodore silk ruffled blouse, nude slip, new shoes :), gold cross dangly earrings ($6 from Glebe last week) and turquoise nails- meant to be there in 30 so i better run

Have a fantastic saturday night!

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