Sunday, April 19, 2009

Art brut

"following visions of “beautiful mansions with big domes” that “made a negative in [his] brain,” he added several floors and a steeple of wood and sheet metal and bits of tin and broken glass and remade the building into not so much a work of art as a monument to his waking dreams, an assortment of refuse and warped planking transformed into something of obsessive detail and intricacy" -- Excerpted from The Colorful Apocalypse by Greg Bottoms.

Browsing through outsider art (art created outside the boundaries of official culture) is one of the most fascinating things. These artists work in isolation from the commerical artworld, deriving inspiration purely from their pyschological landscapes rather than from what's happening around them.
MIKEY WELSH - one of my favourite.

Top to bottom: Welsh in his studio; studio; mural commissioned by Maven Store, Vermont.

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