Monday, May 4, 2009

shine shine shine

Does anyone know where to buy garden gnomes?? I'm having a garden party on saturday for my birthday on sunday and thought it would be cute to put a couple of gnomes at the front gate! Mum and I are going to Paddy's markets today to buy chinese paper lanterns to hang from the trees. I'm covering my garden in candles and having candelabras and candlesticks on all of the tables and the bar.. also lining my pool with tea lights and putting floating candles in it :)
Also, how cool's this idea- my best friends mum told me:
- you collect empty tins (like the ones you buy diced tomatoes in, take off the labels and the lids and fill them to the top with water.
- then you chuck them in the freezer
- when the water has frozen you hammer a nail into the tin and make a shape (i made a heart) from all the little nail holes
- leave the tins in the sun for the water to melt
- when tins are dry and empty, light a tea light and put it in the bottom so that when it's dark, the light shines through the heart shape and looks pretty :) -- i'm going to make about 20 and scatter them about the garden or on ledges.. i'll take tonnes of photos, in the meantime i need to pray it doesn't rain
Also, i borrowed some little butterflies and flowers from my friend which i'm going to stick on my garden shed covered in ivy.
Mmmm i think i want to be a professional party planner now it's so addictive :)

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